Photo: Andreas Bache-Wiig

In the press:

«But such words! The Norwegian play-wright Arne Lygre is already highly praised for a long time at several European theaters. A world premiere of this play represents a definitive scoop for the small, but fearless rural stage of Theatre Momentum in Odense.»

About «Days Beneath»,

Teater Momentum

Monna Dithmer, Politiken, 16.03.2009

«With his critically acclaimed plays, short stories and lastly the novel ´A Last Face´, Arne Lygre has stepped into the elite of Norwegian authors. ´Then Silence´ firmly confirms his position.»  

About «Then Silence» (as a printed play)

Tom Egil Hverven, Klassekampen, 21.02.2009

«What is perceived as the most shocking in Lygre´s plays is not (only) the instrumental relationship between the characters, but also the unruffled way of relating to their lack of identity, which in turn suggests a loss of faith.»  

About «Then Silence»,

Det Norske Teatret

Therese Bjørneboe, Klassekampen, 02.03.2009

«Arne Lygre´s play “Then Silence” (..) accomplishes to communicate something complex through a simple motif. This is an ambitious and expansive play.»

About «Then Silence»,

Det Norske Teatret,

Inger Merete Hobbelstad, Dagbladet, 01.03.09

«The Norwegian play-wright Arne Lygre has created a play that pierces everyone and the present time as precise as the needle that pins down the butterfly, sorted after specie and place of entrapment.»

About «Days Beneath»,

Teater Momentum

Iben Friis Jensen, Fyns Amts Newspaper, 20.02.2009

«This is a new playwright that we have not heard the last from! (…) As the somewhat older swede, Lars Noren, he knows how to hit where it hurts. He also knows the art of mixing the cards and creates a feeling of enhanced reality, as the Englishman Martin Crimp.»

Regarding «Man Without Purpose», Odeon Theatre, Paris,

Brigitte Salimo, Le Monde

«Without big words, his simplified language takes you further than you thought were possible, with sudden turns and varitions of intensity that creates a vast span of emotions that Claude Regy underscores.»

Regarding «Man Without Purpose», Odeon Theatre, Paris

Mathilde La Bardonnie, Liberation

«After Ibsen and Fosse, Arne Lygre plays with the spectators mind. Imagine a billionaire buying a fjord and building a new city on the property. Altogether in a mix of megalomania and utopian belief in the future (..) Arne Lygre is the name. Make a note of it.»

Regarding «Man Without Purpose», National Theatre, Oslo

Leif Zern, Dagens Nyheter

«Arne Lygre has definitely created his own style. His prose is like nothing else published in Norwegian. (..) I feel convinced that I´ve read one of this years best-written and most enigmatic novels.»

Regarding «A Last Face»

Tom Egil Hverven, Klassekampen

«There are plenty of allright books. However, how often does it happen that you read something that really makes an impression? Maybe not to often. Even stronger and more joyful is a meeting with the really good litterature, the litterature that makes a difference and leave a sharp and lasting impression in your memory. (..) I welcome many people to experience this novel.»

Regarding «A Last Face»

Anne Merethe K. Prinos, Aftenposten

With Claude Régy, Centre Pompidou. October 2007. Photo: Renaud Monfourny

Interviewed at Café Brandstrup and by the river in hometown Moss. Oktober 2006.

Both photos: Edmund Schilvold

Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, September 2007.

Photo: Thomas Olsen

Reading House of Literature in Oslo, september 2008. Photo: Jorunn Solli.

Reading from «My Dead Man» in August 2009, in Norwegian.

Arne Lygre made his debut in 1998 with the play «Mother and Me and Men». Since then he has written six other plays, which has been staged and published in countrys around the world.

«Man Without Purpose» was directed by Claude Régy at Odeon Théâtre in Paris in 2007/08.

His new play, «I Disappear», will have its world premiere at La Colline Théâtre National in November 2011, directed by Stéphane Braunschweig.

Arne Lygre wrote his first short stories collection in 2004, «In Time», for which he got the prestigious Norwegian literary award Brageprisen. He has also written two novels, «A Last Face» and «My Dead Man», which both was very well recieved by the critics. He was awarded the literaty award Mads Wiels Nygaards’ Legacy in 2010.